Our Story

For years, I tried to bake good bread. You know what I mean – bread that’s crusty yet chewy, moist yet airy. The stuff we Yanks typically associate with Europe. The stuff you can’t even buy, let alone make.

My bread wasn’t very good. The crust was either pale paper or browned shoe leather. It tasted OK, but it lacked the toasted wheat flavor I craved. I suppose the results were acceptable, but my standards were pretty high.

Then I read the watershed article on no-knead bread in the New York Times, which made so much sense to me that I ran out that same night and bought a heavy, enamel-coated, cast-iron Dutch oven to prove the concept’s worth.

The bread was pretty darned good, but the process was fussy, and the equipment was expensive.

As I got better with practice, I happily and proudly shared my results. A friend suggested creating a product around what I was doing, and the world’s first artisan bread kit was born.

Like anyone else, I prefer the path of least resistance, so I spent the next couple of years refining the process and materials. I wanted baking this world-class loaf to be as simple, easy, and inexpensive as possible.

I’m a teacher and coach by nature, so my goal is to share the information you need to succeed. I hope you try my product and succeed wildly.

One more thing: I’ve used my own products to bake bread for a Top 50 restaurant and for the world-famous James Beard House in New York City. If I can bake it there, I can bake it anywhere (and so can you)!