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Real Love Is Real Food

We show our love for our family and friends in many ways, not the least being food. We take a treat to a new neighbor. We take soup to a sick friend. We bake a cake for a birthday. We prepare a special meal for our husband or wife.

So what does it say when we give our kids a Lunchable? Or buy a friend a Coke? After you read this article on processed foods, you might reconsider.

Our busy lives demand convenience, and we look for it in our food. We’re also demanding ever increasing quantities of that dangerous trifecta of sugar, salt and fat, thanks to food scientists in mega labs who manipulate processed products to induce consumer cravings. But the price that we’re paying with our health is too dear.

We at Average Joe Artisan Bread encourage you to know what’s in your food. To use whole ingredients. To eat real food. And to give your friends and family real food, too. Maybe even something homemade. Now that’s love!

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