Average Joe? And artisan bread? Don’t those ideas conflict?

Nope, not in our world. Our goal at Average Joe Artisan Bread is to teach anyone – yes, even the Average Joe – how to make world-class bread in their own kitchen.

I know you can do it. How? Because even I can do it! I’m not a trained baker or chef or even short-order cook. I’m just a hack baker who loves good bread.

There’s something about the smell and taste of toasted wheat that drives me – and nearly everyone else – wild. Friends? Family? Co-workers? EVERYBODY loves homemade bread! And the Enjoyment Factor only rises when everyone gets in on the fun. For whatever reason, bread brings people together like no other food.

So let the Average Joe Artisan Bread Kit help you drive them wild. But consider yourself forewarned – once they taste your bread, they WILL want more! :)

First Loaves: Jan D’ Atri

One of our newest fan is radio and television personality Jan D’Atri. She was introduced to the bread kit in the Phoenix market and has been a baking maniac ever since. Here’s a glimpse at her “first loaf!” Great job Jan, we look forward to hearing more about your baking successes with our bread kit!